December 03, 2010

In Knitting News ...

I am beyond excited to announce that my Elegy Fingerless Mitts pattern is now officially a part of the online catalogue at Knit Picks!!!!  Here is the wonderful link to my wonderful listing with the wonderful pictures that were taken of my gloves.

 I absolutely recommend knitting these up in the guava color.  It's really the perfect pink, even if you are not usually a wearer of pink.  However, so far I have knit these in 5 different colors, and I love each and every one.  Besides my gloves, there are several other new patterns that are amazing, so I feel totally honored to be included among the designers of this catalogue.  Totally.

Last night was the local Christmas parade. This year, unlike years past, it was actually cold enough for the Christmas part of the parade, and I froze my tookus off.  My daughter and I and our Girl Scout troop were in the parade with the other troops from our county.  It was great fun, and I forgot the camera, so I am afraid that I don't have any pictures for you.  It was the girls' first parade, and we walked and waved and wished all a Merry Christmas.  Santa made his appearance down Broad Street in the bucket of the hook & ladder truck with the high school cheerleaders lined up on the ladder behind him (ladder was down, don't worry).  Events like these are what make me love living in a rural county and a tiny town.  so I guess that means that Christmas is officially around the corner!

If you are an Etsy Treasury peruser, check out this one:  "There's More than Red and Green for the Holidays" .  My turquoise sock yarn, "Tranquility" is featured in this gorgeous treasury of handmade items.

And, last but not least, here's where I'm linked up for this glorious Friday!


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