Waffle Stitch Preemie Hat Pattern

Waffle Stitch Preemie Hat (adapted from Uptown Purl’s “Aaron’s Hat”)

This is a very “stretchy” pattern.  If you knit in the Continental style as I do, the pattern will be tighter and less stretchy.  If you knit in the American style, it will be very stretchy and you may want to CO fewer stitches.  This pattern is worked over an 8-stitch repeat.

Materials:  Size 7 circular needle (20” works nicely, but if you are doing two-at-a-time as I do, I recommend that you use at least a 40” cable.)  50-75 yards of Bernat Softee Baby or any soft 3-ply fingering weight yarn. 
NOTE:  I can get about 10 hats out of one skein of Bernat Softee. I prefer to knit the first row after the join, but the pattern works well whether you do this or not.

CO 48 (56, 64) join into a round.
R1 & R2: *Knit 2,Purl 2, repeat from * around
R3: Knit around.
R4: Purl around.

Work in waffle stitch for 6 (7, 8) pattern repeats.

R1: (K2, P2tog, K2, P2) around
R2: (K2, P1, K2, P2) around
R3: (K5, K2tog) around
R4: P around
R5: (K2tog, P1, K2, P1) around
R6: (K1, P1, K2, P1) around
R7: (K2, K2tog, K1) around
R8: P around
R9: (K2tog, K1, P1) around
R10: (K2, P1) around
R11: (K1, K2tog) around
R12: P around
R13: K2tog around
For smallest size, you may want to end at R10.

If more than 10 stitches remain, repeat round 13.
Cut yarn and thread tail through live stitches. Pull tight and secure by weaving ends into the inside of the crown of the hat.


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