November 29, 2010

A few things accomplished

Well, well, well.  I had missed that feeling, which I haven't had since the beginning of August, of having ALL of the laundry done, folded, hung up, and put away.  It took me a full week of vacation to accomplish this.  I once read in one of those self-help books that one should not stress out over the little things--decide what absolutely has to be done and then cope with what isn't an overwhelming priority.  That's great, but after a while, those non-priorities pile up, and then it seems more stressful as it would have been if time had just been made to deal with those little things when they were little things.  Laundry is one of those things for me, and not just because I hate doing laundry.  My children hold the Guiness record, I think, for most clothes in the hamper in a single week.  But, I'm all caught up!

The living room and all of its trim was painted.  It looks fabulous!  Thanks Honey!

The master bedroom closet was re-done--super sale on shelving at Sam's on Friday!--and I can't believe it's our same closet!  Even Honey's side is organized!!!  Thanks Honey!

Closets and drawers were thinned out and bags for charity are awaiting departure in the garage.

Most of the Christmas shopping for the children is finished.  

Final details for the online publication of my Elegy gloves for Knit Picks have been taken care of and fingers are crossed that you will be able to see them in all of their awesomeness in the Knit Picks online catalogue on Thursday.

All baby items are knit and on their way to their recipients.

My November and December swap partners have packages in the mail to them--shopping an knitting done for both last week!

Papers were graded.  Not a lot considering how much there is piled up; but if you multiply Advanced American literature 52 students by 6 assignments, that's 312 pieces of paper (roughly 2 full packages of notebook paper!).  Still, plenty of time will be dedicated to grading to come in the next three weeks.  Only three weeks to Christmas vacation--hurray!!

I created a new invoice system was created on my Macbook for Etsy sales.  (It's amazing what you can do at 5 am on a Sunday morning when you can't sleep because you are stressed about going back to work the next day!)

All purchased yarns from this weekend are packaged, labeled, and ready to ship today.  If you aren't getting one from me, stop by the Etsy shop--sock yarn sale is ongoing.  I also created a new holiday banner for the shop.

I've gotten a good start on Christmas present knitting, and I actually made progress on the Leaf Lace Scarf.  I have, however, decided that I strongly dislike knitting lace.  My hat is definitely off to those who can knit with this thread-like yarn and not lose their sanity in the process.  

It was a banner week.  I hope that if you were on vacation, your week was as productive as mine was.  I'm linked up here today:

Happy knitting!


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