December 27, 2010

Monday Vacation Update

Well, we got snow for Christmas!  It was the first time that it snowed for Christmas, according to the Atlanta weather man, since 1882!  Giant, wet feathery snowflakes fell on Christmas day. It was the best present of all!  Today it is sunny, extremely windy, and just below freezing.  We're not expected to get above freezing, so the snow will hang around for at least one more day, I hope.

There hasn't been much knitting around the hacienda due to the holiday festivities, but Sunday did give me the chance to finish (still needs to be blocked) the Geometry Scarf and Scout 1's Sportsman gloves.  I wound up the Groovy hand painted yarn that I showed off last week and have started a pair of socks for me.  I just couldn't stand it any longer!  All this knitting for Christmas, etc. gifts, and none for me!  I can't wait to show off the very cool striping pattern of these socks for this week's WIP.

On tap for this week … Groovy socks, sleeves on the Reconstruction Sweater, and a bit of dying for the new year and for the cowl that a co-worker has ordered from me.  And I still have to finish up research papers and grades before the end of this week.  Frick, frack.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!


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