December 29, 2010

WIP: Groovy Socks

The Monday before Christmas, I showed you this yarn that I made, but couldn't, in good conscious, sell because of the large number of breaks in the skein.

This is Groovy, and trust me when I say that these colors are electric!  So, because I've been dying to make some socks for me, I kept this skein (as if I need another skein of sock yarn in my stash, right?) and here's how it is knitting up:

You are seeing one front side and one back side here. The pattern has come out pretty even, except for that one row on the right sock where there's the double line of purple--I guess I spliced the ends together in the wrong color order.

Today, it's more grading for me.  And while note cards and final exam essays go under the pen, new skeins in very bold colors will be resting in the dye pots, including the fuschia for the scarf order. I hope to get that on the needles tonight.


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