December 13, 2010

Let it Snow … more, please!

I still have my miserable cold, which has been compounded by the "arctic blast" that has hit Georgia this weekend.  Sheesh!  If it's going to be this cold, then it's just a travesty not to have snow.  We had flurries yesterday, which was perfect Christmas weather for putting up the lights outside and going to buy the tree … when the wind wasn't blowing at 30 mph, that is.  Here's all the snow that didn't melt in our yard yesterday:

Yep.  That's it.  A few flakes caught in a spider' web.  Sad, isn't it?  All of the little children will be angry today (ooh, can't wait for extra teen angst on a Monday!) that school isn't cancelled.  Maybe tomorrow.  It's supposed to be 12 degrees F tomorrow morning with a zero wind chill.  But I doubt it--the part about school being cancelled, that is.  State end-of-course testing this week, not to mention final exams.  No one is going to be in a rush to close the schools, even though on a normal day we are lucky to have heat in our rooms before noon due to budget cuts, and all (anyone want to guess why I have a cold?).  

But on the knitting side, I did manage to make some progress on the Leaf Lace Scarf--down to 5 repeats with 5 having been knit since last Wednesday.  That equates to about 15 more inches to knit.  I also was able to get a start on a wool glove pattern that I've planned to use for gloves for Scouts 1 & 2; but I've reached the thumb gusset and the directions suddenly become VERY vague as to whether I'm supposed to M1 or KFTB to increase, and just exactly which side of the 28th stitch I'm supposed to do that on is totally unclear, too.  This is exactly why I don't like to follow the directions of others and usually end up making my own.  Well, c'est la vie.  Off to freeze at school.


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