June 26, 2010

Yarnathon, Marathon, Knitathon

 I have signed up to participate in Eat, Sleep, Knit's Yarnathon.  Basically, it is a record of how many miles of yarn I and any of my followers and visitors who link to the online store from my blog purchase.  Some people have already "run" a 10K, but they've been participating since the beginning of the year.  The yarns are fabulous, gorgeous, exquisite!  I can't wait for the Have You Any Wool sock yarn in the 'Strung from the Moon" colorway to show up on my doorstep on Tuesday.  So, if you are looking for fiberly inspiration or just the right yarn for that project you've been mulling over, please click on the Yarnathon button and check out Eat, Sleep, Knit.  Thanks! 

Marathon:  (7 days and counting down)
I hit the treadmill for 4.5 miles this morning in 65:05.  It kicked my butt.  But, we got our starting times today, and HOORAY! we are not in the last group of runners this year.  I don't know what happened last year, but we were in the very last group and had to run at the worst time of the morning for heat and humidity.  My honey and I are in group G this year, which is the 8th group to start, so that means that we'll be done pretty much about the same time that we actually started the race last year.  Super crazy.

I have lost my mind.  I have made good progress down the body of the Reconstruction sweater, and I have only 20% of the lace scarf done, and that Coral Columns sweater is sitting in the basket on punishment for making me insane, and I have about 8 oz of corriedale top still to spin from my last dying adventure--not to mention a couple ounces of silk and 4 ounces of that heavenly  Paradise white soy--and there's that cardigan that has been waiting for attention for 2 years ... and I started another project last night.  I said, I feel like a cardigan, and I started designing one.  Mandarin collar and the first button hole are done.  This always happen when I am not able to finish things quickly.  And then I ordered more sock yarn so you know that means I'm going to want to start up some new socks next week.  Summer vacation is turning into my own personal Knitathon.

And thank the Lord!  It finally rained last night!


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