June 14, 2010

Summer Reminders

As the desert heat arrives in Northeast Georgia (you might think that's an exaggeration but it was 103 degrees in my driveway today at noon!), I am reminded of a few things about summer.

Summer's simple pleasures:

1.  Cranberry iced tea
2.  Coffee & knitting on the back porch in the morning with the birds singing (my backyard sounds like an aviary in the morning)
3.  Cicadas in the trees at night
4.  Kids and dogs and swimming pools
5.  Flowers blooming in the beds
6.  Bare feet & flip flops & dragonflies
7.  The hammock beneath the shade trees
8.  Books to read (mine are: Under the Dome, World Without End, Same Kind of Different as Me, and The Zahir) instead of TV to watch

9. A glass of wine and a fantastic hand of cards
10.  Spending time with my Honey
11.  Fishing at the lake (more like knitting at the lake for me!)
12.  Life without a watch, Amen!
13.  Evening thunderstorms and a screened in porch
14.  Trips to Grandma's house
15.  Time to lay in the sun
 16.  Bar-b-que and hickory smoked ribs on the grill
17.  Picnics and concerts in the park
18.  Sand between your toes
19.  A cool breeze.
20.  Vegetables out of the garden.

Things that I have to remind myself in the summer:

1.  They're just kids.
2.  If it survived without a coat of paint this long, it can probably wait another day.
3.  Your but will be draggin' on Road Race day if you don't get on that treadmill!
4.  You're on vacation.
5.  Grasshoppers are EVIL!
6.  They're just kids.  


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