June 18, 2010

A Morning in the Life of a Left-Brained Woman

I woke up later than usual this morning; which is not a bad thing because I needed sleep, unless you consider that it threw off my entire morning routine, and I have to follow my morning routine or I just feel nuts all day.  Have we met?  I am a mostly left-brained woman living in a household of totally right-brained people.   {Pause for you to take that in ...}  What does that mean?  It means that I am the only person in the house with a realistic concept of organization.  The ONLY one.

Case in point:  After doing a little Fun Follow Friday and Blog Hop blogging (see links below, left), it occurred to me that what the door of my spare bedroom masquerading as a "knitting" room needed was a hook.  So I thought, "Where's that over-the-door hook that I saw?"  Now, a left-brained person would store it in the junk drawer in the kitchen, or in a little drawer of a plastic organizer in the workshop, or with the extra drawer handles and knobs in the attic.  A right-brained person, like my husband, would store it wherever he laid it down last. So, it actually occurred to me that I thought I might have seen it in the shoe polish basket in the bedroom closet.  I started there, which led me to several interesting things that really needed to be put elsewhere (a toy truck my daughter gave him for a birthday present 2 years ago, a shower of out-of-date business cards, tags that had been removed from recently purchased camping gear but which never found their way to a trash can ...) but no hook.  This led me to re-organize the shoe polish basket, then on to the camera equipment basket, then on to the top of the refrigerator, which is now completely cleaned off, then up to the office, which (my husband's 1/2 excepted) is now re-organized and cleaned, then to the attic, which also underwent an entire re-org, then back down to the "knitting" room, where I thought I might have put it in the storage closet for safe-keeping--this also underwent an entire re-org, wherein I came to the realization that I have WAY too much yarn in my stash! and I almost had to make an emergency run to the store for another storage bin, but things worked out. Then I went on to the bathroom drawers because a right-brain might have put it in there by process of association ... and now it's noon, {"Quittin' time!} and I still haven't found what I've been looking for.

The "summer to-do list" is now a little smaller, but what I had planned for today is out the window because it's 12 p.m and {"Mom, when is it lunch time?"} I made a deal with myself that I would only work my tail off around here until 12 p.m. because otherwise I would housework and fix-it my summer away again this year and never have felt like I'd had any vacation at all.

But, even though absolutely NOTHING positive comes to mind about right-brained organizational skills, there is something to be said for the right-brained person, she is creative.  In every room I re-orged, my daughter found something with which to create a masterpiece:  packing paper in the attic, water colors in the storage closet, paint brush in the office ... and now she's painting a giant waterfall with wet chipmunk footprints and butterflies alongside of it.  Pretty awesome.

And here's the Day Three update on the sweater reconstruction project:

Happy Friday to you!


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