June 04, 2010

Friday Thoughts

Goal of finishing latest preemie hats:  met.

Otherwise, I have found that there are drawbacks to vacation, most especially house work.  Spent the whole day in the laundry room or with a spray bottle of bleach and scrub brush in hand.  Summer vacation always makes me wonder how I get through the school year, chore-wise.  Not much knitting got done today at all. :(  I did spend several hours last night, once AGAIN fixing errors I had made in the Coral Columns pattern.  It's so easy to end up with an extra stitch and not discover it until about 12 rows later!  I finally had to give it up and finish this morning.  So, after several hours of knitting and repairing, I am on row short of where I started in the first place yesterday.  This may just be the next project to be frogged ... but the extra fine merino shows the pattern so crisply that I hate to let it go.  Obviously, this will be my summer nemesis.

There's been much talk of lace lately among the blogs that I follow.  I guess it's  that time of year.  No one wants to sit in the heat and work with wool and a heavy sweater on her lap.  Because it's that time of year, I was really looking forward to the new Piecework issue, which is about lace.  Unfortunately, I think I would go blind trying to knit, basically, thread into a handbag or a shawl.  So I'm a little disappointed that the focus is so totally on old-world lace, like the doilies that I learned to crochet when I was in 3rd grade before my Polish great-grandmother lost her sight.  I was hoping for something more along the lines of 2-ply lace shawls to die for in a silk/wool combo or a gorgeous scarf pattern.  There were some good instructions for blocking a lace pattern, though, so not a total disappointment.

Goal for the weekend (besides repairing the rabbit hutch & giving those bunnies a bath): make significant progress on the leaf lace scarf.


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