June 07, 2010

Weekend Notes

What a perfect weekend I had!  After working my tail off to clean the house on Friday, I convinced myself to take the weekend off.  Saturday was a day of computer time, spinning, knitting, sunbathing, a little gardening, dinner out with my Honey and my daughter, then after my daughter went to bed there were drinks and a few hands of cards with my Honey.

The Leaf Lace scarf is up to 12 inches (1/5 the total pattern length), so that's one of my weekend accomplishments.  The Coral Cables Cardigan is back on track (again with the re-doing of 18 rows; but now it all counts out correctly--knock on wood!), and two new preemie hats were begun on the way to and from dinner.  Sunday was more of the same, except that I started following a new blog, figknits, and there is this pattern (Off Kilter Mitts) that has been shared as part of a contest--deadline is September--that I saw and felt immediately compelled to knit.

So, Sunday was more work on the lace, then I said, "what the heck, I can probably knit those mitts in a day"--and I did!  So, contest submission complete.  I knit them in a size medium in about 6 hours using magic loop, but I happen to knit very tightly by nature, and they unfortunately came out a little small for me.  They seem perfect for my six-year old's chubby hands (modeled below), only a little long in the fingers; so I guess they are now hers.  Lucky duck!

I used a worsted weight 100% wool in a color that is pretty much the same color as my Asian lilies.  I'd tell you exactly the brand and the colorway, only this came out of my stash and I can't seem to find the wrapper. It was about 100 yards total.  

This morning I got around to writing the pattern for Dan's Afghan.  It's picture is posted under Adventures of the Past on this page. It's my Yarn Over Cable afghan that I made for my husband for Christmas last year.  It's also posted at Ravelry.

Today is looking like the start of a new pair of gloves to actually fit me.  These knit up so fast that I think I will try a different pattern using sock yarn.  I really just want a pair to keep my achey hands warm in the winter when I knit, and I have accumulated several lacier patterns using sock yarn lately; so that's today's plan.  Of course, there's also going to be some gardening (33 new bean plants have sprung up and need to be caged) and some yard work and the never-ending attack on the laundry.   Oh, and the 13 year old lost his glasses, so there's those to replace before Boy Scout Camp begins this Saturday.  And I thought I might do some more spinning, too.


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