June 23, 2010

W.I.P. Wednesday Update

I painted the stairwell to the upstairs yesterday.  It took me 3 years to get around to it.  I labored and struggled and had to creatively tape the paint brush to the roller extension rod to get the edging along the ceiling because I am short and afraid of falling down the stairs to my death.  My daughter even helped and cleaned up all her drips on the carpeting.  I expected a fanfare when I was done, maybe a ticker-tape parade. Horns, bugles, kazoos, something.  There was nothing but the sound of "Arthur" from the living room.  My husband didn't even say "good job" or "thanks for doing that".  I got nada.  My sons, who are with my ex- for 2 weeks told me that I "rock" in a text message, but that was it.  Hmph.

I sold my first pattern on Ravelry yesterday:  Barbie's Lace Sundress (see yesterday's post or visit me at Ravelry).  Now I'm worried that, though I painstakingly wrote the pattern, stitch by stitch, row by row and I knit the darned thing, the person who bought the pattern will say that it is full of mistakes.  I worry about dumb stuff. But still, I'm all giddy about it!

I am not giddy about the fact that the being on the "No Call" list for telemarketing doesn't seem to be working lately.  It isn't even 8:30 and the phone has already begun to ring.

But it's W.I.P. Wednesday, and since I worked my tail off yesterday (there were WAY more chores to do than just the painting), I am taking most of today to get back on track with the knitting.  I think that I will work on Dillon's sweater because I am almost to the base of the armpit, where I will join and knit the body.  Won't that be fun!  And I haven't spun any since my last disappointing spinning project over a week ago.  Maybe some spinning this afternoon.  I'm thinking about joining the Ravelry Tour de Fleece for July.  Not sure I can spin every day for three weeks.

I don't have any updated pictures of Dillon's sweater right now, but I have some lovely garden pictures.  Get 'em while they last because my beds have informed me that if this heat keeps up, I will have nothing left but red clay and weeds.


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