June 02, 2010

To blog or not to blog?

I have been checking out other people's blogs, and here's what I've found.  Only those with profanity, mundane details about the lives of strangers--mostly people who don't seem to have much of a life--or people who knit in Toronto and California survive.  It's been very frustrating for me on Ravelry, too.  I belong to a few groups that appear to have become completely inactive.  I post and get no response.  The moderators haven't been active in months. I don't want to read a blog and think, "I want my two minutes back!"  I think knitting blogs should be about knitting, not about knitters who need the world to read the expanded version of their Twitter posts.  I like to see what other people are working on and pick up nifty tricks and links and patterns.  It seems that there are only a few blogs out there with that option, and I am frustrated.  The only comments that I have gotten on my blog are the result of my non-knitting tirade when my bank card was stolen--since deleted because I was just embarrassed that I had actually put that out there for people to read.  If anyone knows of some, or even one, knitting blog that isn't on my list that is worth following, please let me know.  I've tried the trick of posting on other sites, like reddit.com, but that doesn't seem to be working for my own blog advertising purposes.  All that seems to happen is that the time demand to be on the computer takes away from my knitting time.  Of course, maybe the problem is that every post is not accompanied by a picture of a cat.  So, here are some of my knitting and spinning helpers.

On the flip side, I am officially on summer vacation!  Let the knitting frenzy begin!

I tried to do some knitting over the weekend on the Coral Cables, but discovered that I had made a few errors the last time I worked on it in what, September?, and spent most of my time tearing down, re-knitting, finding more mistakes, and tearing down again.  Just when I thought I had repaired a complete round of the pattern (about 18 rows), I got to the last pattern row and discovered that I had added 2 too many stitches about 10 rows back.  So that project is on hold.  The fair isle sock project is about to be frogged.  The leaf lace scarf is coming along swimmingly!  That's what I'm doing now, mostly, and the Atlanta Jazz Festival last Saturday offered me the opportunity to knit halfway through two preemie hats. Goal:  finish the preemie hats by Friday.


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