June 16, 2010

W.I.P. Wednesday

Wednesday brings Day One of my reconstructed sweater project.  One thing that everyone knows about me is that there's a REALLY good reason why I teach English instead of Math:  I am a mathematically challenged individual.  At this point, remediation of those high school math skills that I once possessed is pointless.  Many have tried, all have failed.  I say this because the irony is that my favorite way to knit a sweater is top-down.  If you know anything about top-down sweaters, you know that you can't knit a round without doing a mathematical equation that involves several steps and much counting.  Nevertheless, I embark on yet another mathematically challenging sweater--and by this point in the day, trust me, I have embarked over and over quite a few times!  Darn the math!  Anyway, this is the focus for W.I.P. Wednesday.  It's finally on the right track and we're cruisin' now!  This sweater begins with a roll-down collar and is worked totally on circular needles as one giant tube.

And then because you were wondering how the stray cat saga is going, Mama Cat is getting herself fixed today, so that should be the last female in the Hood that we know of (fingers crossed everyone!) and these cute and cuddly monsters should be the last litter that Mama Cat drops off at my house.  Hooray!  All are feisty and doing well, despite the heat.  It was supposed to be 94 degrees today, but apparently too many people called and complained, so the weather man reduced the temperature to a forecast of 90.  It finally rained last night at MY house instead of just across the street.  Rain, glorious rain!


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