October 13, 2010

WIP Wednesday (Oct. 13th)

Holy man!  Midterms to make and grade, walk-throughs to prepare for next week, grades to finalize for report cards, little emergencies, meetings, kids activities, birthdays ... Whew!  What a week and it's only Wednesday!  Sorry this is a late-day post, but Buddy the Knitting Dog apparently disconnected my computer during the night from the power cable while it was charging; so I got up this morning to find the Macbook dead as a doornail.  Grumble.  I had to wait until I got home from work to share a WIP update.

I had big plans this week to get those merino/cashmere gloves in "Platinum" that I am doing for my Knit Picks pattern submission of the Elegy gloves.  They were going to be finished by Wednesday morning (today) with a photo-shoot scheduled with a friend of mine for this afternoon ... Sigh.  Best laid plans and all, my principal and my life got in the way.  I had to cancel the photo-shoot and I still have a thumb left to knit.  No sneak peaks, sorry.  You'll have to wait until tomorrow.   I am going to alter the pattern to include gauge variations for both the Knit Picks Merino Style DK (original yarn of the pattern) and the Knit Picks Capra (merino/cashmere) because I am in LOVE with the cashmere!  The problem is that it knits up with a slightly different gauge, causing a slight decrease in the circumference of the glove.  No worries!  That's an easy adjustment to the pattern notes.  All will be back on track by tomorrow.  I got an email yesterday telling me to sign and send in the contract, so I guess this is the real deal.  Happy dancing continues!

In my spare time (during knitting club and when Rocket is asleep), I've been working on what I am told is a "Potato Chip" scarf.  I received one of these darling hand-knit scarves from my Sept. swap partner, and Rocket was in love with it.  Not being one to share my treasures willy-nilly, I ordered some rainbow Mini Mochi from Crystal Palace.  I didn't know what the pattern was called, and I searched the internet over to find it without much luck--apparently not too many obvious tags associated with this pattern!  My swap partner was kind enough to send me the basic pattern, and the girls at knitting club were so kind as to put me in the "potato chip" loop. I guess it is a knitting club favorite of last year.  That's what I get for being the newbie of the group.

I am seriously surprised at how much yarn this scarf sucks up and how dang long it is taking me to knit it up!  I hope to finish it this weekend after I finish with the Elegy gloves.  We have a long weekend (5 days) because, well, we have to fit those frick-frack furlough days in somewhere!  So, while the boys are cleaning up a river and camping out on Saturday night, I hope to have some time to get my knitting back in the "making progress" range, at least.  I'm also hoping that the grading fairies will stop by and take care of this mountain of papers that have been sitting on my dining room table for a week.


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