October 07, 2010

Check Me Out at Mama's Kinda Crafty! (Thursday, 10/7)

Joy at MommasKindaCrafty has been so kind as to spotlight my blog and to host my first ever giveaway for the Zibeline Knits Etsy shop.  Check me out on her blog today and enter my little $25 e-certificate giveaway.  Giveaway deadline is Oct. 15th.

Then, check out the rest of the blog because the title is pretty darn apt--Joy is VERY crafty!

In other news ... I know I missed my weekly WIP update; but OMG this full-moon week is killing me!  I can't even keep track of what day of the week it is, I'm so covered up with work!

We had a huge curriculum night "fair" last night at the high school.  We fed 350 parents plus students and assorted family members who came to dinner and to play our curriculum night game (Cane-opoly) and had 40 faculty and staff-manned tables showing off academics, clubs, and fall sports plus community service agencies and the GA Dept. of Labor and two colleges.  My own kids were so helpful that I hardly could believe it! They deserve much thanks! Later, when it was all over and we could go home at 8:30 pm to do homework with my kids and grade papers, I got a text message from the same principal's admin. who told me, twice in the same week, that what I did at the school wasn't valuable.  She just wanted to let me know that so much is put upon me because I always do "such a good job".  Well, that makes all the disruption of my personal life, stress, and chaos worth it, doesn't it? (Read that question again, but this time insert a heavily sarcastic tone.)  I'd like to try doing a crappy job for a while, let me tell you; but I don't think I have it in me to do that.  I think they broke the type-A personality mold after they made me, for sure! I didn't leave school until after 8:30 pm, so that means I had been there for nearly 14 hours by the time my day was over--teachers don't get overtime, FYI.  It was a LATE night for having to rise and shine without getting any monetary incentive for my awesomeness.  I think I am, though, catching another frickin' cold.  So, BONUS!

I guess you know what all of this personal info. means ... no knitting since last Sunday!  I feel like a part of me is missing.  I think I'm going through knitting withdrawal.  Really.  If I survive until Saturday night--whirlwind of activities between now and then--there will be knitting.


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