October 15, 2010

Decisions, decisions!

The Elegy gloves for my Knit Picks submission are, well, making me crazy!  I finished the "Platinum" Capra (cashmere/merino), and I really liked it for the right glove, but not for the left.  I don't know if, in my haste, I just knit the M1 stitches on the thumb too tightly--I do suffer from too-tight stitches frequently when stressed--or if the problem is really that I should have gone down a needle size to adjust the gauge, but the left thumb looks holey along the gusset on the front.  Instead of sending these in and making a ton of changes to my original pattern, I'm knitting up the "Guava" Merino Style DK.  These look like I really intended the gloves to look; so I've decided to scrap the Capra version and just stick with what works.  Too many big ideas getting in the way of a pattern that already rocks, I guess.  I'll have the left hand done by this evening. It works out to about 4 hours for me, straight through, to knit one glove and do the finishing on it.

(The real deal is a little bit more rosey-pink, but my camera, etc. isn't being very cooperative today.)

So, that leaves me to make some minor adjustments to the pattern--pictured is the small size, and I added some stitches to the palm and decreased some stitches in the top ribbing for a more snug fit around the fingers.  I also have to adjust the pattern to meet the Knit Picks specifications with their logo and a diagram or two.  I'm sending a medium in "Marsala"--a rusty pumpkin color--and the "Guava" in small.  New photos of the "Storm" version will be taken this afternoon.  Sometimes I'm actually glad that we never get rain and I can count on a sunny afternoon!  All will be off to the lady in charge tomorrow morning.  (insert more Happy Dancing!)

P.S. My first give-away is ending today.  Click on the give-away button to enter.  I'm giving away a $25 e-certificate to my Etsy shop.


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