August 28, 2010

The Sweater Knitting Blues

Ugh.  That's about all I can say about it.  Ugh.

I was so anticipatory of moving on to the body of my latest butter yellow version of Swing--I had carefully written the pattern with instructions for ease, but hadn't test-knit that version until now.  I went to knitting club this morning, sweater yoke in hand, with 4 rows left to the yoke division point, determined that I would not return home without having started on the body because I have been trying to make progress all week and hadn't even picked this project up to do a stitch.  I, in fantastic knitting company, knit those last 4 yoke rows.  And then I announced that I was finally ready to divide for the yoke to the entire group, only to realize that I had somehow knit this top-down sweater--my own pattern mind you,  a pattern for which test knitting has already been done successfully, a pattern that I wrote--I knit the yoke minus an ENTIRE SLEEVE!  Ugh.  A month of stolen knitting moments in the frick frack toilet.

When my fellow knitters asked me how could I have made such a mistake, all I could say was ... "Well, I did start working on this the week of pre-planning ..." and that pretty much explains it all.  Knitting is a major stress-reliever for me; but in this case, the stress of the new school year apparently decimated my already weak math skills.  And what is even more crazy is that I haven't, at any point, noticed that I was missing an entire sleeve.  What a waste!  I am just so mad!  But, on the sunny side, I do own a ball winder, so ripping it out will be swift, untangled, and fairly painless; but dang, I have to rip it out all the way back to the mandarin collar.  I think I'll just go work on some gloves. (insert frowny face)

So let this be a comforting lesson to you new knitters in the self-confidence department:  Even the veterans make a disastrous mess of their knitting now and again.  We all have those kinds of days.  All you can do is suck it up and knit on.


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