August 27, 2010

Another Week Done

I'm so glad it's Friday!!  It's been a VERY stressful week for me and for my colleagues!  But, I'm going to make my deadline, despite this miserable summer cold that I managed to pick up on the 2nd day of school and which has just steadily grown worse.  So I'm actually dragging myself into Friday, but in a few short hours, it'll be the weekend.  I'm keeping my eye on that prize!  That's the sunshine on this cloudy, stormy morning--that, and a strong cup of coffee!

I got new merino DK in the mail yesterday, so it's looking like a weekend of Elegy fingerless glove knitting for me.  Yeah!  Asparagus (such a pretty, pretty green!), rusty pumpkin (makes me long for cooler temps.), and camel (soft and lovely).  And, tomorrow is my knitting club meeting, so two hours of uninterrupted knitting are on the horizon.  The thing about knitting these mitts is that, on the one hand I think, "What if I knit up these gorgeous mitts and no one wants them?" (at my Etsy store), and on the other hand I think, "but they're so beautiful, how could they not sell?"  I guess knitting is knitting, even if it ends up in the closet.  Truthfully, I knit because I love knitting.


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