August 09, 2010

Just Something I Whipped Up! (August 9)

  I had a busy. crafty weekend!  I created a new fingerless glove pattern, which I started whipping up on Saturday and finished by Sunday-gloves in two different fibers and two different colors.  I love fingerless gloves because I can wear gloves AND have fingernails!


The pattern is in the math-checking stage right now, but should be out this week on Ravelry and my Etsy store. I'm also going to put up a few pair of these gloves in the "HOT" colors for the fall fashion season--camel, blue, grey, maybe pumpkin--for sale.  I'm thinking of deleting my Shopit store.  It's not really the right venue, I guess. There isn't a knitting or yarn category, just Hobbies.  This morning I got an email from a potential customer because I'm in the "Hobby" category asking me "How do I create a Mac book animation?" and that's just not something I can help with.

And because school supply shopping places are limited around here, I had to make a pencil case on Friday for Scout #2 (my 5th grader), and then of course Rocket had to have one, too.  A cardinal rule of motherhood is that if you make something for one kid, you have to make something for them all.  Apparently Scout #1 (my 8th grader) is too old for pencil cases.  "Mom, that's just not cool."  I think I did a pretty good job, having no pattern.

The process of making these pencil cases made me realize just how old I really am.  I attended Catholic schools for elementary and middle grades. The nuns would make pencil cases and sell them to the students for $1 or something ridiculously cheap like that.  I don't remember that you had a choice as to whether or not you bought one, but I do remember that there were a hundred different fabric choices. Anyway, as I was making these pencil cases, I was thinking about how there's no way these nuns could have made a profit.  I couldn't even buy 1/4 yard of fabric for a $1!  The zipper was none too cheap, either.  Then it occurred to me--I bought pencil cases from nuns 30 YEARS AGO!  I'll bet zippers cost a quarter.  Dang!  How did I get so old so quickly?


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