August 17, 2010

Something New to Link It All Together!

 So I found this nifty little site via Etsy that allows you to sign up for a free account that will put your blog, your Etsy store, etc. all at one location on the internet.  Here's my new address for  Here you can view my blog and all of my other goodies in one place.  You should definitely check this out if you have a million toolbar bookmarks like I do to keep track of your internet world.  Please bear in mind that my new Soopsee account is under construction, so things look a little bare right now.  I'm working on it!  Stop by for a visit and check this out!  It's free, what could it hurt, right?

And what would Wednesday be without my weekly W.I.P. update?  Well, you know me, I have to have a new project started for every old project that I haven't finished.  It's a vicious knitting cycle!  Anyway, I'm STILL working on the test knit for Swing for +1 ease--so far, I'm pretty darned on the money--and that lace scarf of mine glares at me from it's little knitting bag.  I'm down to the bottom ribbing on the body of the Reconstruction sweater.  I've pretty much put the toe-up socks into hibernation--hard to knit socks when it's to darned hot to wear shoes!  So my newest W.I.P. is a little felting project that I am doing with some wool that I received from a July swap--tomato red wool.  So I am knitting what appears to be an endlessly long, and a little too wide tomato-red scarf.  When all is said and done, and I am hoping to show it off on Just Something I Whipped Up! Monday, it will be well-felted and transformed into a dpn needle case.  And, if all goes well, I'll put others like it in my Etsy store.  


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