August 20, 2010

Something for Saturday

Okay, I've REALLY gotten away from what I love to do, which is to knit, in just the few short weeks associated with going back to school/work.  I've spent more time blogging than I have knitting, and that's practically a crime.  It's even more criminal because I knit to relax, and after this first week of school, boy do I need to relax!  So, today, since Rocket and I are having the day to ourselves, there's going to be knitting, darn it!  Maybe I can even get her to pick up her sticks and do a little practicing.

Since last weekend, I've been working on a felted DPN needle case to show off on Monday, and if all goes well, I'll start featuring them on my Etsy store.  I'm also working up to a new collection of hand-dyed and hand-painted yarns for the Etsy store ... thinking this collection will be called something foresty and be filled with greens and browns and golds and reds and rusty oranges.  I'm hoping to accomplish three things this weekend, knit-wise:  finish the felting project, knit up another pair of Elegy gloves for the Etsy store, and get some serious work done on the latest knit of Swing.

And if I reach my goals, I might just have to treat myself to the GORGEOUS new cardi pattern at Chic Knits.


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