February 08, 2011

See it, Scheme it, Do it!

It's all about the color scheme.  Colors you would think would just not go together at all, work like a charm!  Case in point:  This "Art of the Cowl" cowl from Lion Brand (free pattern, by the way, if you have an account).  My friend Heather brought me a Martha Stewart "Living" magazine on Friday morning and said "I want this and this."  She was referring to two pictures of large and weighty cowls created by Lion Brand upper echelon designers.  The first one I said "probably".  The second one I said "materials for that one would run at least $40"--she changed her mind about that one.  Here's what she settled on:

Of course the cool one had no instructions, or even a list of materials; but I think that I winged it pretty well, myself. I counted the number of stitches in the picture, got a general idea, found an almost identical pattern on the Lion Brand website (which doesn't give instructions for this color combination, unfortunately), and knit 'er up during the Super Bowl.

I used Lion Brand Homespun in "Deepest Gray", and then lavender, dark purple, and dutch blue Vanna's Choice (also Lion Brand).  It took most of a skein of the Homespun--about 100 yards--, but not much of each of the other colors; so, ultimately, I will have yarn left over to use for other cowls. It cost me about $20 for materials from Joanne's.  And I love this pattern!  It ends up very thick and cozy, for acrylic.  I was surprised. And the look changes, depending on which end is up:

So I started one for myself today, in pastels.  Hee Hee!  Now if only I could find a reason (and the time) to sit and knit for three hours straight again this week.  Not bloody likely, but one can dream.


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