February 16, 2011

Penelope Syndrome

Okay.  I've been working on this darned last glove for my Sportman glove pattern submission to knit picks for what seems like an eternity!  I'm three weeks past my deadline, and I think I must have Penelope Syndrome. What is Penelope Syndrome?  Remember Penelope, the wife of that pompous "adventurer" Odysseus?  (Think back to your 9th grade literature class.)  Well, for 10 years or something crazy like that, she wove that darned shroud. Every night she unwove it, and every day she started over.  It took 10 years for her suitors to figure out that it doesn't take 10 years to weave a piece of cloth.  (This story doesn't say much about the intelligence of men, does it?  Maybe that's why it's such a classic, ladies?)

Long story, short … I feel like someone is unwinding my glove every night while I sleep and I am re-knitting what I had knit the day before.  (See irritated Penelope above.) My goodness!  It has never taken me this long to get through one glove!

Of course, life does get in the way, I guess.  This is the week that the Girl Scout Cookies come into the warehouse; so I am a little busy with that.  Girl Scout leader AND cookie chairperson, that's me.  Want to buy some cookies?  Turns out, I hit the motherload on orders.  Firemen, ladies, LOVE Girl Scout Cookies!  If you are married to one, he's probably bought 27 boxes and is hiding them from you at the fire station.  Hee, hee!  Guess where we are going tomorrow to sell cookies?  I think there's a fire station about every 2 miles around here.

So that darned glove must be done today or else!

Happy knitting!


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