February 28, 2011

Dying for a shawl!

February has come and gone, and many of my knitting projects on the resolution to-do list have been wrapped up.  My mom and I got a late start on our KAL, but it's crawling along.  We are doing Liz Abinante's Traveling Woman shawl, with the goal of having it done for our adventures at the Stitches South convention in April.  For this venture, I dyed two skeins of Australian merino, one for me and one for her.  Mom will have to send me a picture of the skein/shawl in progress to post; but for now, here's how mine is looking with my Mermaid merino:

And once I got started on the Traveling Woman, well, that made me think that I should have a no-brainer shawl to work on at soccer games and in the car; so I dyed up some bulky superwash merino in a new colorway,--soon to be appearing in my Etsy shop--printed out Kate Flagg's Multnomah pattern, ramped up the needle size from US 3 circular to US 9 circular to fit the yarn change (she uses a fingering 4-ply, like the type of yarn one would use for a sock, and I am using a bulky 2-ply, like the kind one would use for an autumn sweater), and away I went.  I wanted this to be something a little warmer than a thin lace shawl because spring is lovely and warm in North Georgia; but it's also an excuse for stores, restaurants, and the school system to turn off the heat and pump in the air conditioning.  Ask anyone, especially Honey, and each person will tell you that I am very cold-natured.  I do not like to feel cold and covered in goose bumps!  But I wanted something sunny and fun for these early spring months, so I went WAY out of my normal wardrobe color scheme and used colors that you almost never ever see me wearing.  I am, surprisingly, in love with this colorway, though, and expect to wear it often.

I had to tear out about half of what I started at last Thursday's soccer game since I was so engrossed in watching the Scout 1 on the soccer field that I worked about 20 rows, one stitch off.  It's been an easy recovery though, and here's where I stand on this one:


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