February 09, 2011

Cowl Envy

On Monday I posted about the cowl that I made to fill an order.  Secretly I had hoped that Heather wouldn't like it and I could keep it all for myself; but that absolutely didn't happen. I had cowl envy pretty badly when I said good-bye to Heather's cowl and delivered it.   So, needles in hand, I knit one for myself last night and wore it to work today.  You read that correctly, knit it last night.  If you are a cowl lover, I absolutely recommend the Lion Brand Cobbs Mill Cowl pattern (free).  Look how lovely my pastel rainbow scarf turned out! (Who knew that I could actually love something heavy on the coral color on my body?)

As one final note, this morning, at 6:50 am, when the air conditioning kicked on full blast in my classroom to complement the 27 degree F. weather we were having, the only warm part of my body was underneath this cowl.  Actually, the only part of my body that was warm ALL day was under the cowl.  I'm so glad my envy got the best of me!


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