November 14, 2010

Finished Projects from the Weekend

First, I finished the first pair of my two-at-a-time baby socks from Thursday's post.  They seem a little long in the foot; but it's been seven years since I had a baby foot around to measure; so these will have to do.  The next pair is going to have a little pattern and no cuff--celery green this time, but same wool/silk machine washable yarn from Spud & Cloe.  Hopefully, these will knit up quickly this week.  I'm planning on an easier week than last week was.

And then Sunday afternoon, I brought out the electric spinning wheel--which I ultimately broke and my Honey is having to fix for me.  But, before I broke it, I managed to get 118 yards of 2 ply artsy yarn--bulky, mostly--out of that super-waxy wool/silk mix that I started playing with last week.  I have some of the roving left, and can probably eek out another 50 yards.

Honestly, I think the fiber broke the spinning wheel because of it's waxiness and its tendency to not want to feed into the machine very smoothly.  Basically, I broke the motor.  Early reports from the shop are that, even though the internal magnet cracked in half--you should see that thing!  There's no way I can be held responsible for breaking a magnet an inch thick, no way!--and has to be re-glued, all can be repaired with the right glue.  Honey says he thinks he's going to have to weld it back together; but that's just because that will give him an excuse to buy a welder.   He might not be too keen on the idea of me quitting my job and opening a yarn shop, but he sure does like to use my online store as an excuse to ramp up his tool collection. ;)

Anyway, it's Monday, so here's where I've linked up.  See you on the knit side.


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