November 07, 2010

Newly Spun

It's Monday, and although I don't have "how-to" instructions to follow the picture for this post,  I just had to show off something that I whipped up this past Saturday to break in my new electric spinning wheel (Honey made it for me and it works like a dream!).  I went with the BFL top from my SAFF stash on the expectation that it would take some getting used to before I could spin an even thread.  Although there were three or four thin spots, it came out pretty impressively even.  I was able to spin about 208 yards of medium weight/DK weight yarn.  I'm very impressed with myself, and with my Honey for engineering this wonderful machine!  (Of course, he tells me this is just the prototype and then went out and bought himself some new power tools for "future projects". wink wink)

I would have whipped up some more, and I am dying to try out the silk/merino roving I bought at SAFF, but I had to spend 6 hours grading research paper rough drafts--makes me think they don't hear a word I say, those students of mine!--and I still have 18 left of the 52 papers that I started with last Wednesday. I worked it out, and between note cards and rough drafts, just getting through the first attempt at the research paper is 26 hours of my personal time devoted to mostly last-minute baloney. My students don't understand why I didn't have their papers graded the day after they were turned in to me.  Dang!  

But, amid the "watch my baby (doll)"--seen in the backround in her PJs, Pickles having to be parked on my lap or else, Buddy the not-the-lap-dog-he-thinks-he-is trying to shoo Pickles off my lap, the Scouts coming in and out of the dining room to "just see what you're doing Mom", Honey was my hero as usual, and he whipped up a little Kahlua & Cream espresso with whipped cream to bolster my spirits. Makes you kind of wish you had incredibly sub-par research paper rough drafts from 10th graders to grade, doesn't it?

Honey's really my hero, even though he thinks I'm just saying that to placate him.

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Tomorrow, I'll share more newly dyed yarn to show off from the Etsy shop!  Thanks for stopping by today!


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