November 19, 2010

Friday Notes on Knitting

Ah, Friday.  Don't you just love the melodic syllables of that word as they roll off of the tongue. Such a happy word, "Friday".  Ah, the trumpeted announcement of V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!!!  I especially love Fridays that are followed by vacation days, Thanksgiving vacation days, Christmas vacation days, summer vacation days. Today is Friday, and it's about darned time!

Now, the knitting.  A friend of mine from work had a baby this past Monday, and I am scrambling to re-make my gifts.  The baby was a week late and was supposed to be 7.5 lbs, thereabouts.  When it came into the world, it was 4.5 lbs.  How does a doctor screw up that badly?  Anyway, baby J. is in the neonatal ICU, and those baby socks I've been cranking out won't fit him for quite some time.  So, I've been rushing all week to make preemie hats  (two are ready for their final 4 rows) and preemie socks (CO today to match the hats).  I just feel terribly for my friend, his wife, and their new baby.  Say a prayer, okay?

Pictures to post tomorrow.

And the knitting for vacation is all lined up and waiting--literally, lined up and waiting since forever!  First I have to finish the lace scarf for M., then I have to make 4 pair of gloves--2 for the Scouts and two for gifts for friends for Christmas.  And I have to get some sleeves on Scout 2's Reconstruction Sweater.  That's  pretty ambitious list, I know, especially since I have convinced my husband that the important thing next week is to re-paint the living room, and while we are at it, the master bedroom.  And then we were looking at paint colors online, and the kitchen would look really fantastic in this muted clay color--red clay, as in clay pot, 'cause this is the South and there is no other kind.  But, there will be knitting.  And yes, boss, there will be a paper grading day. Grumble, grumble.

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