April 01, 2013

Monday Masterpiece: Lila in silk

I've apparently had plenty of time to knit while waiting in the "car rider" lanes at my children's schools because, just in time for Spring Break--which REQUIRES that I cast on for a new project--I have finished my Lila scarf in the Dragonfly Fibers green silk noil.  It's stunning.  There's just nothing else that I can say, except that I can't wait until this same yarn (3-ply silk noil dyed by moi) is in my own shop later this month!!!

Final dimensions (post blocking) are 8 inches x 69 inches. I used about 440 yards. It's so lovely that I will definitely be wearing it as I cruise through the Stitches South market with knitting club gals in two weeks, where everyone will be so taken aback by its beauty that they will stop and beg me for the pattern! ... Sorry, just a little fantasizing there.

So what's the new project for Spring Break?  Well check out this nifty bit of knitting that I started at knitting club this past Saturday. 

This is Dragonfly Fibers silk noil and my Serendipity pattern.  Serendipity looks so fantastic--I can't count the number of times people have stopped and asked if they could buy the scarf right off of my neck!--in handspun merino that I thought I would take it into the realm of silk.  I'm so pleased at how this fiber holds the shape of the pattern that I'm already thinking this little number won't need any blocking at all!  Again, can't wait until this gets into my own shop in mid-April.  I have great plans for silk noil pastels and my own wardrobe, let me tell you!

Hope your Monday knitting gets you off to a fantastic start of you week!


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