April 15, 2013

Something New, Something Blue

This past weekend was a busy one!  Saturday I spent most of the day with gal pals at the Stitches South Market.  It was smaller than last year and, for the second year in a row, was missing the major retailers (Craftsy, Ravelry, etc.) that I had enjoyed visiting in previous years.  I think it's the venue that is the reason for fewer vendors (it felt like there was only half of what was there last year, and some of the repeat vendors came with about half the stock they brought last year, too).  I hear tell that next year the market will be much further away from me but at a better venue.  I guess we'll see.  So, with that said, I only picked up two trinkets this year.  I tried to keep the spending low since the past few months have been slow for me, business-wise.  I did score a Japanese stitch dictionary, though, and did a little dance when I saw it laying on the table.  I have been hunting for this one for a long time:

And I was actually going to leave the market without having bought any yarn (Honey's voice in my head saying "Why do you need more yarn?  You have and ENTIRE room full of yarn!), but this one skein really caught my attention from Miss Babs:  Biker Chick.

Not sure what it's going to be, but probably a pair of socks.  And speaking of socks, I cast on a new pair on Friday afternoon while in the carpool lot.  After a weekend of evening knitting while Honey watched American Loggers, I'm about an inch shy of starting the heel.  I'd love to tell you who made this colorway, but alas it's one of those lost-label skeins that has been in the stash for at least two years.  But I was in the mood for something simple and something blue.

Meanwhile, there's a new pattern being worked up on the needles for Fall.  I'm thinking that it is going to be a nice sport-weight scarf, but it could turn into a wrap.  It's too early to tell because I am, actually, swatching this one first.  Odd for me to swatch because I find it so tedious and prefer to knit dangerously, but what the heck.

So here's hoping that your knitting week and mine run smoothly and you get plenty of sunshine to knit in.

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