April 03, 2013


It's the beginning of Spring ... April flowers and all that ... and I'm all about knitting up lace scarves (in case you haven't noticed that all my posts lately involve lace scarves). I'm also apparently mesmerized by silk noil yarn. So I finished the Lila scarf in the silk noil. then I started a new scarf, a Serendipity scarf at knitting club last Saturday. Then, 6 inches into the Serendipity scarf, I thought "It's time that I come up with a new lace scarf pattern." After all, I have a little time on my hands while I'm waiting for my 100% wool cabled sweater-in-progress to dry out after Rocket accidentally spilled MOST of a bottle of nail polish on it (GASP!! Yes, you read that correctly! Nail polish remover. Burgundy wool. I think I saw my life flash before my eyes ...).

And so, a new lace scarf pattern is born! This one is a bit odd in its inspiration. I had begun what was intended to be something like a repeating series of fans. When I began to knit it up in this charcoal handpaint (silk noil; no surprise there),  three things popped into my head: billowing sails, pirate ships, and 1930s film stars. It's funny and strange how the mind works, isn't it?  So then I began to think about a name for this oddly connotative pattern, and by association with all of the pirates that I could recall, I settled on the 1935 film Captain Blood, starring Errol Flynn (best film pirate EVER before Johnny Depp! ) and Olivia de Havilland.

I'm a sucker for old black & white films, so it seems only fitting that this new pattern, which will be available when the silk hits the shop in a week or so, be named after the classic, albeit fictional, pirate ship which, incidentally, is named after the film's heroine: Arabella.  Coincidentally, both the scarf and the film are done in shades of grey--in case you were wondering why I didn't pick a bright red yarn instead.

Well, now that we're up to speed, I hope you like the new look to the blog.  It's been a long time coming.  I'm also working on a new website for Zibeline Knits, so stay tuned for that unveiling.

May all of April's showers bring you oodles of knitting time!

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