April 10, 2013


Today's blog begins with a toss of curly paper streamers into the air to welcome my newest yarn line:  Calliope!  Here are a few of the simply sumptuous hanks (I'm going to stop incorrectly referring to my yarns as skeins, since they actually are not machine-wound and available at your local Walmart) that are arriving in my Etsy shop beginning this afternoon:


I think that I will be dyeing up a skein of Cove for myself later this week when all of the dyeing for the Etsy shop is done for a second Arabella scarf.  Rocket is on the fence as to whether the eye-catching cove or the lush greens of Tree Frog are her favorite, but I am sure that there is going to be a special request (though once made, she won't wear it).  A skein of the French Lilac has already been claimed by my mother.  

Look for more pretty Calliope silks later this week!  Until next time, knit happy!

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