July 07, 2011

Zibeline Knits & Interweave

You may have noticed the two right sidebar buttons from Interweave.  Beginning today, Zibeline Knits is an official affiliate of Interweave.  I think that's pretty awesome, don't you?

But what does that mean?  It means that from this blog you can go directly to Interweave for patterns, books, DVDs, fiber, emags, etc.  How cool is that?  I know that not everyone who reads my posts is a knitter, so there's a separate link for the crochet superstars out there, too.  Did you know that Interweave offers online spinning classes?  They have a gazillion resources for quilters and beaders, as well. You can access those via this blog, too. 

So, try it out!  Just click on a sidebar button or on this link to go to Interweave:

Shop the Interweave Knitting Store Now!


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