July 21, 2011

The Summer List: Update

Where has my summer vacation gone?  I can't believe I only have one week left!!!  Grrrr.  I'm even more distraught over the absolute lack of progress that I seem to have made this summer on THE LIST.  I can only console myself with the fact that my Etsy store is now full of gorgeous things (don't you want to go shopping?) and my garden looks great, and I did repaint/redecorate three bedrooms in my house, including the one that is now my knitting studio.  And there was jam making, flour making, and canning. And there was a whole lot of spinning that got done (wait until you see the corriedale/soy silk 3-ply that I'm working on!). But still, so much to do and so little time left.  Well, here's where we are, two months after the posting of the last summer list:

3 custom ordered scarves/cowls
finish yellow Swing
Swing for my mom
additional sizing for Swing pattern
2 test sweaters for Rocket's sweater toward publishing the pattern (one underway, at least!)
publish Rocket's sweater pattern
socks for mom
finish twitsted basket weave toe-up socks for me
finish Autumn Leaves beret
finish the Reconstruction Sweater
finish the green Elegy gloves for me
finish the baby blanket
finish the teddy bear
finish the macrame vest
finish the 80s shrug
woolen rectangular shawl
cardigan for me
cowl for Honey
write a new pattern for Knit Picks
knit 2 new cowls for me
dishcloths for the kitchen
Padima Shawl

I am going to be focusing my remaining summer energy on the Padima Shawl and on the smallest size of Rocket's cardi, which has a name now:  Rakieta Cardi.  "Rakieta" (Rah-key-etta) is Polish for "rocket".  She chose the name, which is fitting since she designed the sweater.


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