July 05, 2011

Get it together already!

This is turning out to be a summer that is totally out of character for me.  First, I received the parting gift from the school year of a raucous respiratory infection that took me literally the entire month of June to get over.  Then, because I was so sick, I didn't get much accomplished on the knitting front.  I finished the yellow Swing on the last day of June--and then the buttons I had picked out before I knit it don't match now that it's done.  Frick Frack!  Then, I didn't run the Peachtree Road Race (but Rocket and I had a great breakfast curbside and watched while my two sons and Honey ran--Scout #1--the 14 year-old--ran the 10K in 60 minutes and Scout #2--the 11 year-old--with my Honey by his side to make sure he finishe--go Honey!--ran it in 90 minutes).  They are awesome!  And the trophy T-shirt was kinda blah.  And I haven't really been into keeping up the garden, either.  And forget about yard work.  Starting to wonder who I am these days.

Well, I'm hoping to get my butt (literally) and everything else in gear this month.  Honey, Scout #1, and I re-worked the garden on Sunday (7 hours in the blistering heat and humidity; so some new things had better grow!)  I put my butt back on the treadmill after a little check-up at the doctor revealed that my butt had gained 8 lbs during the month of June while I was sitting on it.  I would like to fit into my work clothes when school is back in session in August; so it's back to the frick frack treadmill.  I haven't been on it since, uhhh, LAST July.  I figure 2 miles in under 30 minutes every other day should do the trick.  I did 2.05 miles in 30 minutes on Friday, took Saturday off, worked my self into exhaustion on Sunday, took Monday off (good thing, too, because I strained the muscles in my lower back during garden duty), and did 2.25 miles today.  I hit the 2-mile mark 1.5 minutes sooner today than on Friday, so that's progress.  I run in the garage with the garage door up, so the local area temperature was 84 degreed F. with a relative humidity of 69%.  You can't run in Georgia if you don't like to sweat, that's for sure.  The scale, however, this morning said--pre workout--that I had gained another 5 lbs since frickin Saturday, though.  Apparently, I need a more user-friendly scale.

Fireworks last night were awesome!  Talk about leading a charmed life ... we sat in the back of the truck and they exploded right above our heads.  Directly above us.  It was totally amazing--like having our own private fireworks show.  And Mother Nature held off the really big storms until after the show was over, which was much appreciated.  I tried to load a video of the fireworks onto Facebook; but it didn't work and I don't understand enough about Facebook to be able to figure out why.  Facebook and I are like this:

! ........................................................................... !

With that thought in mind, there are errands to run as usual; so off I go.


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