July 08, 2011

Friday FO: Swing in Yellow

Really. I was beginning to think that this day would never come. My Swing cardi pattern, done in butter yellow, c'est finis!

For a week after the knitting was done, I contemplated the button dilemma: order buttons?, search high and low around town? ... and I even did a little searching around town. In the end, I decided wooden buttons would be best. And then I shopped around online, mostly on Etsy, when the idea to make my own buttons hit me. Why not? Other people make buttons, right?

So, Scout #2 found an incredibly straight piece of deadfall birch--river birch, I think--and I brazenly walked out to the man cave (Honey's workshop), fired up the saw thingy, and sliced off some buttons. Then, Scout #2 sanded them, and I coated them, sanded again, and re-coated them with polyurethane. Took 2 days to do. I even ended up with an extra button because I can't count. Although now that I have the buttons on the sweater, I'm thinking that it could use an extra button above the boobs.

I think we did a pretty swell job for a couple of amateurs!


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