July 19, 2011

A Nifty Trick for Spinners

Last Saturday, the other spinner in my knitting group, Chris, shared with me this nifty little trick to use when I run out of spindles and need to transfer yarn to a "holder".

Toilet paper tubes!  Take an empty toilet paper tube (remove all the remaining bits of paper), then tape it onto the spindle of a ball winder.  My toilet paper tube seemed a little flimsy, so I wrapped it in some pretty purple floral (with glitter) card stock. 

Then, I taped the tube to the base of the ball winder's spindle.  I cut a little notch in the top to hold the initial end of the soy silk that I had spun while I wound the silk onto the intermediate spindle.

The coolest thing about this is that I can put that intermediate spindle onto the lazy kate and ply with the silk from there.  So glad Chris shared this tip, or I would have been really stuck and wouldn't have been able to ply Rocket's 'Taffy" that I showed off yesterday.  Thanks Chris!


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