July 06, 2011

Something New Afoot

 Socks!  I love socks, don't you?  What I love even more than socks is sock yarn!  Not all sock yarn is equal, though, as I have discovered over the years.  Cotton yarn makes saggy, baggy socks.  Wool from some companies, especially the German ones, is scratchy and a little like having an on-going argument with a crabby neighbor to work with.  But merino ... ahh, merino!  I love merino.  As a matter of a fact, two of my sock lines are all about merino.  But there's a new line, just introduced in the shop, that I love equally well:  superwash BFL (Blue Faced Lester wool), which is easy to work with and great fun to dye.

There have been some significant changes in my shop over the last few weeks in terms of sock yarn, so I wanted to introduce the new and re-introduce the old.

First, there's Rocket Sock:  A new name, but the same wonderfully squishy superwash merino in dazzling, wild multis and self-striping patterns for both the beginner sockenista and the expert who want to knit happy with simple stitches and excellent stitch definition.  Totally machine washable.

Second, there's the newly-named Gypsy Sock:  Named for the bright, simple colors, solid and nearly-solid dye patterns.  This sock line is superwash Australian Merino--so squishy and soft you won't believe it!  I used this same sock line in the Mermaid colorway to make my Traveling Woman Shawl earlier this year; so the possibility of this sock line aren't just limited to socks.  This sock line is great for cabling and lacey stitches.  And it's totally machine-washable!

And, introducing the newest sock line and soon to be one of your favorites: Mission Sock!  This is a superwash BFL that is soft and stunning.  I love the way this fiber soaks up and retains the dye!  This sock line is dyed in deep, heady, graduated colors that work their way from dark to light in long sections of color.  The more you work with this fiber, the softer it gets; and like the other two sock lines, it's totally machine-washable.

See, isn't it gorgeous?!  I hope you'll stop by the Etsy shop to check out the full range of colors.  After all, everyone should knit happy!


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