September 08, 2010

W.I.P. Wednesday

I know that this is not the point of the Wednesday Work In Progress report, but I just want to share something that is starting to creep me out, and if anyone has a good suggestion about how to stop getting stalker blog comments from people whose comment tag includes the word "escort"  and whose English syntax is so badly crafted that you know that each word is coming from a translation dictionary, PLEASE share your advice!  I have gotten three of these types of comments from three different sources since Saturday, and they are really rather unnerving.

Okay, on to the WIP.  Well, as I mentioned on Monday's post, I have had a scarf epiphany.  Unfortunately, by Tuesday, I had run out of yarn to finish Envy, which I'm still--to use an SAT vocabulary word from my students' vocab. list from last week--vacillating about (I think I still prefer to say "on the fence") whether or not to make this a published pattern.  Anyway, since I ran out of green yarn, I thought I would put that beet juice-dyed yarn to good use.  I know that you can't see it very well, but the orangey spots that appeared without rhyme or reason on the skein when I dyed it are providing an absolutely perfect--symmetrically, even--zigzag up the scarf.  It's rather nifty, and I didn't even try to make that happen.  Serendipity is the coolest thing!


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