September 12, 2010

My Shop is a Featured Etsy Shop (and Envy is in stores now)!

I am so thrilled to be in the "Spotlight" this week at The Esty Shop Spotlight!   Jaime has a fantastic blog that exists for the purpose of helping Etsy shop owners to get the word out about their shops and wares, and she offers links from her site to several fantastic Etsy shops--mine included.  Thanks, Jaime!  Please check it out

There will be another new pattern release today.  It's been a very productive weekend for me, which is a fantastic turn of events (knock on wood!) because the craziness of my day job has really had a negative impact on my knitting.  It's hard to get to that FO point when you don't have any time to knit, you know?  Anyway, I have had some very enthusiastic responses to the Envy scarf this week, and Envy will be available today at both Zibeline Knits at Etsy and at Ravelry as a pattern download.  Here's a look at the FO:

Envy done in organically-dyed Merino DK


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