September 06, 2010

Something divine on the needles

I had a moment of divine inspiration on Sunday evening, and  there's going to be a be a scarf!  I have a little sneeky-peek for everyone, too.  This pattern will be called Envy for myriad reasons.  I'm knitting it in a DK merino; but am thinking of trying out some Peruvian fingering weight for a second test.  I'm having to order another skein, so the version in the picture won't be done until the end of the week; however, I think I can put that beet juice-dyed merino to good use now.  This pattern will be so easy that even the knitting newbies who are following me can whip one up in no time!  Those who wear it will be the ENVY of everyone who sees it!  Nothing better than wearing a scarf that everyone covets.  The pattern looks rather flat in the picture, but the ridges are actually raised and the pattern has a fantastic texture.  Better pictures to follow as the FO emerges.



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