September 05, 2010

Finally some progress in the knitting department

Well, this could be the weekend when I actually get some knitting done right!  High hopes for weekend knitting have yielded a finished pair of Elegy gloves and 4 new hand-dyed and/or hand-painted yarns for the Etsy store. Take a look!


All are superwash merino (75/25). The Pink Chocolate is hand-painted, and the other three are hand-dyed.  If Mayhem doesn't sell, Scout #2 has his eye on it--maybe there could be a hat with ear flaps in it for him.  Ha ha.  I can hear him now--"Mom, that's SO embarrassing!"

And here are the new gloves. These are tres gorgeous in person but photograph like crap.  I have tried every possible color combo of background for these, and they come out looking bright orange every time; but they are really a pumpkin spice.  They are that rusty orange color that is all the rage for this season's fashion shows and that Harper's Bazaar says is THE color of the season.  Check this baby out!


So with some progress already, recovery from the stress but not the cold of the work week, and a little extra sleep, not to mention the second astoundingly perfect day, weather-wise,  of the weekend, LET THERE BE KNITTING!


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