July 07, 2010

W.I.P. Wednesday

I am supremely envious of all of those knitter-bloggers who seem to be cranking out the FOs lately (finished objects).  I'm beginning to suspect that they've had these things hiding in a drawer and are bringing them out all at once for dramatic effect.  I can't seem to get ANYTHING  finished (insert crabby face here), just new things started. I thought that when I was bragging to my mother last week about how well the cardigan with no name was going and how I'd be wearing it when I came to visit next week, that it would actually be DONE.   But, sadly, it's not looking good.  The darned holiday got in the way of any real progress and it's Wednesday already--how did it get to be Wednesday already?!  Try as I might, my monsters and at least one dog, Buddy the Knitting Dog, seem to have their radar turned on extra high this week.  Every time I sit down in the Knitting Chair, here one or all come with a "Mommy Do" list.  I knit like 6 inches in two hours last week at knitting club--where children are forbidden!--and then all I've gotten done today in two rather fragmented hours is 12 darned rows--not even 2 inches.  I AM going to knit these last 6 rows of the body today, even if a bored child has to do something for himself for it to happen, darn it! 

Here's how she's lookin' from the back side--too early for the big reveal.

I have hit a snag with this project:  buttons.  Well, it feels more like I've had a little train wreck.  I apparently have no artistic vision where buttons are concerned.  The buttons that I chose for this project look crappy now that I've put them on the sweater--sure, the color of the button is a dead-on match to the sweater, but they make the sweater look dumpy, despite it's lovely shine and woven cloth appearance.  I went online and found the perfect buttons, but the price isn't so perfect.  Can't justify spending more on 4 buttons than the entire cost of the yarn and needles used to make the sweater.  So, the search continues for the 4 elusive "Yeah Baby!" buttons that I need for the big reveal.


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