July 26, 2010

Monday's Mimosa

What I Just Whipped Up! Monday  brings the beautiful colors of Mimosa, a new item in my Etsy.com store.  Mimosa is hand-dyed, 2-ply Peruvian wool.  Rocket says this one is her favorite of all that we have dyed this summer.  I'm thinking of snagging some of this for myself and whipping up a hat/glove/scarf trio for Rocket, or maybe doing a little felted purse.  If I could just get another FO, I might be able to start a new project.  And I can't help sharing this pretty picture that I took in the kitchen as I was winding Mimosa into skeins this morning. 

I've also hand-painted some merino lace in similar colors plus a lovely pale green.  I'm not sure this one will make it to my Etsy story either, but I'll show it off tomorrow.  I'm getting a vision of a feathery stole for it.  Maybe I should just try to finish the lace scarf I've been working on all summer.


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