July 27, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

Here's the stunningly lovely merino lace that is the last of the Summer Fun Collection in my Etsy store.  I've saved the best for last, I think.  I decided to sell this one as a solid skein of 880 yards instead of breaking it up into two or four skeins.  It's just too pretty!  I call this one Sherbet because, honestly, it looks like the lovely pastels of a gallon of rainbow sherbet.

I think it may be difficult to see in this photo, but there is just a hint of pale green in with the yellow.  There's twice as much pink and yellow in this one than there is peach; but I think in a skein there's an optical illusion created by the proximity of the colors; so it looks predominantly peach in the picture but won't when it's knit up.

And the first 203 yards of our first roving dye project ever is finished.  I learned to card yesterday, so things will go a little easier from here on out because I can card the individual colors together instead of trying to pre-draft them together.  I'm still waiting on the electric spinning wheel that my husband says he's going to make for me (there are awesome perks to being married to an engineer!); so, in the mean time, what you see was done on a drop spindle--a little here, a little there.  Rocket and I haven't named it yet.  Turquoise, Kelly green, grapey-purple, red, cream, and brown are the colors of this single-ply skein.  

And speaking of making summer treasures, Rocket and I are going to shoot over to the fabric store to pick up some materials to make tu-tus (some for her, some for charity) and soapsicles.  These crafty ideas are the work of Greenbean at Greenbean's Crafterole.  She finds the absolute cutest projects to do with kids and to make for gifts.  Since this is going to be the last full week of my vacation, and since the boys are gone for the last of their summer visitation with my evil ex-, I thought we'd make this a crafty kind of week.  Besides, the rain gods may bless us and we may have some rainy afternoons this week. Fingers crossed on that one!


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