July 09, 2010

A Must Have if you are a teacher or a commuter: the Brugo Mug

PS Mom Reviews did a review of the Brugo Mug (click on the button below or the link) and I am in LOVE with this coffee mug thingy!  I want a sport version in black and one in purple, and then maybe a shiny Jazz version, too.  PS Mom Reviews is doing a give-away for this product; but if I don't win, I'm going to buy at least two, anyway.  If you are a teacher or a commuter, this is so for you!  Even if you drink tea instead of coffee.  My principal requires us to have a lid on our coffee cup or we are not supposed to be allowed to drink coffee in the building--even the kids who man the coffee cart in the morning have to give us a lid--like we are students, ourselves, or something.  Okay, teachers do tend to spill coffee in a trail down the hallway.  I admit it.  We are as bad as the kids.  But check this baby out. 


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