July 01, 2010

Caution: Wet Paint!

I think that most women would agree that, on at least one occasion in their lives, they've gone somewhere, like a restaurant, seen a particularly stunning color of paint on a wall, and said, maybe even out loud and seriously, "That color would be fantastic in my house!"  Now raise your hand if you ever actually went to the store and bought that color.  Don't be shy.  I did.  I did all of those things.

I went to a Cuban restaurant (Papi's) last week for lunch with Honey and Rocket (the 6 year-old) for the BEST Cubano sandwich on the planet.  And there was this gorgeous wall in a lime greenish tropical color, and I said, "Rocket, that would look so great in your room!" because she's been wanting to paint her room green, but we couldn't decide on the particular green. And I apparently had a moment where I had lost my mind. 

Yesterday, I bought the paint, still with no misgivings whatsoever.  Today, I opened the can and asked myself if I was sober when I had the paint guy mix up this color.  But Rocket was excited, so we painted.  6 hours into it, I was seeing green spots and I had run out of paint with a second coat on two walls to go.  Apparently, the pale, lovely pink walls didn't like it either, and they fought me all afternoon about this color.

This is a color that cannot be photographed, thank God, because it will go down in family infamy--right there with the yellow kitchen I had in college and the raspberry bathroom that was part of that same apartment. If you have a bottle of Rose's Lime Juice in the cabinet, then you'll get the idea. The walls, all 4 of them, are the color of that cap.  This picture is terribly dull compared to those walls.  It lacks that glow-in-the-dark, put on some sunglasses brightness.  When Honey texted me that he was coming home and couldn't wait to see it, an "I Love Lucy" episode flashed across my vision and I could hear Ricky say, "Lucy, you got some splainin' to do!".  Honey's not too keen on the color, come to find out.

In case you are wondering, the ENTIRE rest of my house is painted in muted earthy tones.  Of course every room is a different colored earthy tone, but still.  None of them are electric anything.  We're going to call this the "unripe banana" room from now on, I think.

All I really wanted to do today was run and knit.  


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