July 29, 2010

How's That Checklist Coming Along?

I've skipped a couple Thursday posts because I've just been WAY too busy to post.  I have a Summer Checklist.  I think most teachers have one of these.  It's the list of all of the things that you put off during the school year because between your own kids, your own family, general house work, the never-ending stack of papers that should have been graded over a week ago, meetings, grades, attending student sporting events and activities because your principal sets that "magic number of attendance" if you want a good annual review, staff development, that little bit of time you eke out to knit, and maybe a garden, things sort of pile up.  This year I had a VERY long list!  I put it on List Buddy on my Iphone, and I deleted each thing as I accomplished it.  I thought that I would be more motivated to achieve if I saw the list growing smaller.  In hindsight, I should have just put a check in the box so that I could see how much I had accomplished. And to make sure that it all got done, I joined Michelle's "No Excuses Thursday" group at You Just Gotta Keep Knitting!

Since I haven't posted about all the summer list items that have been checked off, I thought I would share a few that had been done in the last two weeks:
* 6 quarts of organic Georgia Peach jam done
* 2 ballerina skirts for The Princess Foundation (plus Rocket made one for herself by herself) done

* 1/2 of the trim in the house painted (1/2 done)
* New bed sets for all of the kids (that involves a lot of laundry!) done
* All of the kittens given flea baths (that took mom & 3 kids because those babies are wiggly!!!)
* Canning Garlic Dill pickles and pickled veggies done
* Swing (the cardi sweater for which I designed a pattern and then couldn't find buttons to save my soul!) done, washed, blocked, and ready for its reveal tomorrow.
* Swap package sent to my swap partner (Rav: Yarn Lover's Swap) for my first swap ever done (can't wait for her to tell me she received it so I can show off the skein that I hand-painted for her!)
* Garden weeded (that was a job!  I let it go for two weeks and could barely find it among all the barn yard grass!)
* Learned to card fleece
* Finished the first 203 yards of the Corriedale top that I started spinning with my drop spindle in May.
* Frogged the fair isle socks and the Coral Columns sweater that I was working on, tore them out, and got all of that yarn rewound and re-labeled
*  Hand-dyed and Hand-painted more yarn for my Etsy store
* Figured out how to use Google Web Analytics for my Etsy store
* Knit another 6 inches on the body of Dillon's Reconstruction Sweater (5 inches to go and it's on to the sleeves!)
* Knit another two rounds on the lace scarf
* Knit the wrist bands for Honey's motorcycle man gloves (going to try to finish those today)
* CO again for the 2-at-a-time, toe-up socks and knit to about 1/2 way through the instep
* Learned how to wash "virgin" fleece

On tap for today is just knitting, knitting, knitting, and washing/drying a few ounces of the 25 "virgin" ounces of alpaca that have been sitting in the knitting room for about a month, taunting me.  This will be a true kitchen experiment involving a salad spinner and a window screen.  And when it's dry, I'm going to card it with some soy silk.  I haven't decided whether to dye or not to dye.  Even unwashed it's a pretty camel color, and I might just stick with that.


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