February 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Sock Report

Ha!  Those darned socks are almost finished!  They have become my closest traveling companion over the last week or so in the name of getting them done.  I have taken them to soccer games, I have taken them to meetings, I have taken them to the church parking lot where I wait for my children to get out of Sunday religious ed. classes, I have taken them to Girl Scout cookie booth sales day (4 hours in the cold and wind!) and I have taken them out to dinner when I knew there would be a long wait.  The result:  just the toes are left!

Soccer Game

 I would like to also say that the pattern I am designing is coming along very well.  I am not sure if I am going to do a larger sizing or a smaller sizing after this one--maybe both.  I think this "perfect boot sock" is going to be perfect for both adults and children.  The next pair or two, however, will not be knit in crappy German marled wool that separates with every stitch; all future socks will be knit in Zibeline Knits Rocket Sock colorways for sure.


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